What are the documents required to open an account?

For Egyptians:
- National ID (valid, issuance does not exceed 7 years).
- Birth certificate (or national ID) in case the client is minor.
For Foreigners:
- A copy of a valid passport.
For Enterprises:
- A copy of the commercial register and tax ID card.
- National ID for the person OR persons authorized to deal, and their signature authority on behalf of the firm, according to the company’s Commercial Register.
- Company seal on all the required documents
- A valid signature verification from the bank on all signed documents.


What is the minimum amount required for opening an account?

You can open an account either below EGP 50,000 or above.


What are the contracts to be signed?

Basic contracts:
• Brokerage
• Online Trading
There are other additional optional contracts:
• Custody contracts
• Same day contract
• Margin contract
• GDR contract


How can I trade on a portfolio of stocks reserved in another custodian bank?

Clients can reserve stocks in any other bank, provided the stocks are booked in favor of CI Capital brokerage, and not booked in favor of any other party. Note that: CI Capital custody is for free but if a client chooses another custody he will bear the fees of his desired custodian


Is it possible to accept voice (telephone) orders for online trading clients?

No, but in certain cases, the online trading broker receives the client's orders via a recorded phone call:
• Error in the online trading system
• Failure to communicate with the stock exchange system


How do I make a complaint or send a suggestion?

Clients can make complaints or suggestions through accessing Mahfazty, and filling the form. Within 24 hours, a response shall be sent to the client


Can I place a GDR order through Mahfazty?

No, but you can place it with your account officer and view your position on Mahfazty.


What kind of research is available on MAHFAZTY?

Technical reports & CI Capital daily news by giving buy/sell recommendations to our clients, in collaboration with the Technical Analysis team. Such reports are available to Mahfazty clients on a daily basis before the trading session.


What kind of orders can be placed on Mahfazty platform?

There are four types of orders:
• Buy order
• Sell order
• Same day orders ''T+0"
• Under settlement orders ''T+1"
• Smart and conditional orders


What prices can orders be placed by?

There are three types of prices:
• Limit price
• Market price
• Market signal


How long are orders valid for?

Orders are valid for/until:
• One day
• Cancellation
• Date


How can I ensure that my orders were sent to the market?

Once a sell/buy order is sent, a confirmation message will appear with the order Number.


Am I able to edit or cancel any order that was entered but not executed?

Yes, orders that have not been executed can be edited or canceled, knowing that any updated order will be considered as a new order.


How can I confirm the execution of my orders?

Once an order is executed, the client's purchasing power will be affected either by an increase (in the case of selling) or a decrease (in the case of buying). And it will appear under the executed orders.


Can I place orders worth more than the amount available in my purchasing power?

No, as, in the case of placing an online order, the system automatically confirms the availability of the required amount in the client's purchase power before accepting the order.


Can I trade on the dollar stocks listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange using the online trading platform?

Yes, clients can trade on the US dollar stocks listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange with the US Dollar currency.


How can I deposit/transfer using Mahfazty platform?

In presence of a CIB account, clients can transfer from their bank account to the CI Capital brokerage account using the online trading platform and vice versa. In case of an error, clients can contact any of our representatives at the online trading platform support team. In case of having any other bank account, clients can deposit directly into the bank accounts related to CI Capital brokerage.